AinaCom brings business ICT-solutions up-to-date

AinaCom is a Finnish ICT house for companies. We provide effective IT and communications technology solutions tailored to your company's needs. With the right tools, working becomes fluent and transparent. Customer satisfaction will be enhanced and service response time will shorten. People are more accessible and they can work wherever and with whatever device they prefer. At the same time, your company saves time and money.

Fluency for everyday business life.

AinaCom Online Store at your service 

Get the latest quality ICT devices at affordable price from our web store! Fast and reliable delivery. Our experts are there to help with any questions you may have, any time!

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Optimise your company's communication

Let’s find the best tools and services to offer your company the most out of communication. With an efficient communication system, you can optimise all functions, save in resources and make your business grow! Our experts will be happy to tell you more.

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